Leak test machines

High precision Swiss technology

The leak tests are an early identification of defects in manufacturing parts or sealing integrity and is a non-destructive test.

PFL Antralux leak tests equipment’s play an important role in providing a consistent quality control by detecting defects like porosity, blowholes, cracks or machining errors, prior to assembly where error is much more expensive to detect and repair.

We provide proven solution for many industries that use leak tests, specially designed fixtures and sealing mechanisms using as testing methodologies absolute pressure decay or differential pressure decay.

The experience fused with flexible manufacturing process, ensures that our customer receive correct solution for its unique applications.

  • Air to air test
  • Air to water test – bubble test
  • Stable, high repeatability and reliability
  • Optimized cycle time
  • Data acquisition
  • PLC based control
  • Display all leak process parameter for reference
  • Production statistics data generation
  • Easy operation with touch screen panel
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Ergonomic design, manual or fully automated parts loading/unloading.
  • Automated Pressure Test Circuit
  • Marking parts OK/NOK

Typical Test Pressures, Leak Limits & Test Methods for Common Components

In order to answer to a request, we need to know below information:

  • What size is the component and what is its internal volume?
  • What is the leak limit?
  • Does it have hidden internal volumes that may affect leak measurements?
  • Are the parts clean and dry?
  • Is there access to inside or is it a sealed unit?
  • Is it rigid or flexible?
  • Are parts at ambient temperature?
  • What is the surface finish of any sealing surfaces?