Air gauging systems

High precision Swiss technology

The pneumatic measurement or air gauging units and systems are mostly used for measuring cylindrical work piece features such as bores and shafts diameters. It is a non-contact measuring technique that performs dimensional and geometric checks of the part.

It offers the following advantages:

  • Measurements are taken with high reliability, accuracy and repeatability
  • Non-contact measurement eliminates the risk of damaging the work piece
  • Pneumatic measurement system can be operated in harsh environment
  • Air pressure acts as a powerful cleaner at the measuring points, thus enabling the user to inspect even dirty, oiled and greased surfaces
  • Inexperienced users and qualified staff are usually promptly convinced of the safety use and fast and stable results, as tolerances are more and more tighter on the shop floor

We can supply:

  • Air plugs
  • Air rings
  • Air plugs and rings for ISO taper
  • Air forks
  • Air converter
  • Air to electronic converters
  • Various accessories
  • Masters and certificates
  • Turnkey solutions

The pneumatic measurement or air gaging units and systems from PFL combine numerous advantages:

  • Automatic cleaning of the parts to be measured
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Repeatability up to 0.1 micron
  • Fast and stable results
  • Contactless measurement
  • Ideal for sensitive parts and surfaces
  • Robust measuring elements
  • Easy to use and to maintain
  • Internal and external features measurement capabilities

The repeatability given here is valid when the other parameters like small introduction gap and all the other rules in the measuring chain are respected. To assure those kinds of repeatability value the analyse from one of our technician is necessary with the purpose to focus on repeatability value.

For available dimensions of rings, plug and special gages, please refer to the documents in the download section of this page. Our list of accessories is as follows, but not limited to:

  •  Adjustable ring
  •  Extensions
  •  Handles
  •  Handle with twist locking
  •  Handle with twist locking, 90° connection
  •  Ground plate from steel with 90° connection