Measuring fixtures and machines

High precision Swiss technology

The PFL Рgroup has important experiences in development, implementation and production of special machines, up to building of prototypes.

High capabilities and creative approaches in design, development and production have always been a key to our projects development process for our customers.

Our up to date machines park, internationally located facilities and culture and engineering specialists are our assets for the realization and the success of the major projects.

We insure a full control over engineering projects different phases from the concept, development, production, assembly, tests, installation up to the acceptance and compliance by our customers at their entire satisfaction.

Our companies can offer you:
– Gauging fixtures for measurements
– Dedicated benches customized for specific part type, with manual loading/unloading and manual or semi-automatic cycle
– Checking stations for production lines

  • Stable, high repeatability and reliability up to 0.1 microns.
  • Static or dynamic measurement
  • Optimized cycle time
  • Data acquisition
  • PLC based control
  • Production statistics data generation
  • Easy operation with touch screen panel
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Ergonomic design, manual or fully automated parts loading/unloading.

Measurement and control of components using the pneumatic air measuring technology and electronic length measurement technology.
The following dimensional measurements are made in the benches:

  • Internal and external diameters measurements
  • Depth and height measurement
  • Angle and radius measurement
  • Form and true position measurement
  • Parallelism and perpendicularity measurement
  • Concentricity and roundness measurement