Components for transmission and clamping devices

High precision Swiss technology

The PFL power transmission department is here to provide and advice personally and professionally our customers from various industries for the following propulsion technologies components:

  • Keyless locking devices,
  • Shrink discs
  • Rigid couplings
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Special design to customer specifications

Our long-term relationship with our principals MAV Italy and PRECIMA Germany are the proven guarantee that we always do strive to support technically and commercially our customers since many years at their entire satisfaction.

Our department for motive power engineering delivers the industries with the following components for machine construction:

– conic clamping elements and clamping disk
– axe – hub connection
– coupling
– linear motorizing

Product Range

The MAV locking assemblies are based on the principle of the forced connection, but with the advantage of an easy mounting and above all dismounting procedure. Here under are some compnent examples:

Shrink discs work from the outside as they fix the hub (hollow shaft) shrinking it with the external part of the shaft

Rigid coupling backlash free for the shaft to shaft connection. Possibility of connection of shafts with different diameters. Easy and fast installation and removal operations.

Our spring loaded brakes are electromagnetically actuated single disk brakes with two friction surfaces.

Our electro-magnetic clutches and load current operated brakes were specifically developed for the requirements of advanced machine and apparatus construction. Thanks to high quality standards in development, material selection, and manufacturing they meet all demands of modern motive power engineering.